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    Hannah Konecny is currently studying Bachelors of Journalism/Arts at The University of Queensland with majors in Film & Telvision Studies and History. Hannah is also an avid lover of world cultures, travel, photography, media and television production - areas which she hopes to combine, develop and pursue after she graduates in 2015.

    Vietnam moves towards religious freedom

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    From Confucianism to Catholicism, Vietnam is home to a complex patchwork of religions and beliefs. Since the days of mythical dragon-kings and ancient spirits, religion has and continues to spread a large blanket of influence over the day-to-day operations of Vietnamese society. Today, religion remains an integral part of Vietnamese life, dictating the social...

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    Floating villages: Where tradition meets tourism

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    A floating village near Cat Ba island

    Floating Villages 1 from UQ Journalism & Communication on Vimeo. The floating villages of Halong Bay were once isolated communities, shut off from the outside world. However, with the region becoming a major tourist attraction in recent years, the local villagers have needed to adapt their traditional lifestyle. Camera: Nicole Rowles and Emma MacKenzie...

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    Rescuing bears from a life of abuse

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    067 BW_2

    By Lauren Williamson and Hannah Konecny The Animals Asia Bear Sanctuary in Tam Dao National Park was established in 2005 and is home to 103 moon and sun bears, rescued from farms across Vietnam. These bears are found in ‘crush’ cages suffering from a range of severe physical and psychological problems. Animals Asia works to...

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    Feeling the pressure

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    Chemistry students at the Hanoi National University of Education rejoice after completing their final year of studies

    The entrance exam into university is one of the most climactic and stressful events in the life of a Vietnamese student; how Vietnamese students perform academically is often a reflection on their entire family and failure to gain entry into a tertiary institution is sometimes greatly frowned upon. Audio: Harry Clarke RP – Motivated...

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