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    Hanoi has trumped Beijing and Bangkok to be listed as the most affordable night out in the world by a cost comparison index released earlier this year.

    In their annual TripIndex, user generated travel website TripAdvisor compared the total price of a dinner and bottle of wine, two mile roundtrip taxi, cocktails, and a four star room, to get the average price of a night out in major cities around the world.

    Vietnam’s capital tops the list, with a combined total of less than $142USD.

    While more than half of the top ten most affordable cities were from Asia, TripAdvisor’s senior media contact Jean Ow-Yeong said that all cities were compared using the same criteria.

    “The TripIndex shows how reasonable it is to visit Hanoi as compared to these other cities,” she said.

    “We feel this will have a positive impact on tourism to Vietnam as the TripIndex 2012 shows Vietnam as a value-for-money destination.”

    Photo by Mark Blackman

    Cocktails range between the equivalent of $5-$10

    However not all travellers agree that cheap nights out need to be in popular tourism destinations.

    Nick from New Zealand believes that holiday makers need to look outside the major capitals of the world if they are on a budget.

    “I think for a major city [Hanoi is] pretty cheap, but the smaller more country type towns do get a bit cheaper,” he said.

    “The accommodation and everything together is pretty crazy but you’ve got to be careful of the people ripping you off as well.”

    Local cultural experiences, such as haggling for a cheaper price in Hanoi, are commonly engaged in by travellers to significantly reduce the total expenditure of their holiday.

    However these experiences are not taken into account by TripIndex, which focusses on a typically Western holiday.

    In Vietnam’s capital, a taxi ride is often replaced by a cheaper journey on a cyclo, while travellers can opt for local street food at a fraction of the price of a two course restaurant meal.




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