• First impressions of Hanoi

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    The ‘Vietnam Reporter’ group is in Hanoi and as you can see, we are already collecting and posting our stories, TV and radio packages, and of course a multitude of photographs.

    This is my first time truly experiencing the continent of Asia and I could not think of a better place to begin than Hanoi!

    Having little idea of what to expect, first impressions shattered any preconceived notions of Vietnam.

    There is an amazing cultural diversity within the city, along with a strong sense of hospitality and respect.

    Hanoi is loud and constantly moving; the sidewalks are lined with Vespas and with men, women and children alike manning market stalls until well into the night.

    It could give New York a run for its money as the city that never sleeps.

    After a warm welcome by our friendly hotel staff, we headed into Hanoi’s Old Quarter in search of SIM cards and street food.

    Within half-an-hour we witnessed a Vietnamese motorcyclist fall down in the middle of a busy intersection, closely followed by a western tourist being side-swiped by yet another scooter.

    In both cases, everyone walked away unscathed, but a quick Google search informed us that up to 90 serious road accidents per day is a common occurrence in Hanoi.

    Returning from an interview in the back of a taxi during peak hour traffic was a culture shock in its own right.

    With two more days in the Vietnamese capital, we are sure to come across many new and exciting things, as well as conducting and producing our individual stories.

    This takes university-level Journalism to a whole new level!

    Daisy Lola Sowter


    Daisy Lola Sowter is a first year Journalism student at UQ, with a passion for adventure that she hopes to oversee her throughout her career. She is a blogger, music/fashion journalist for Luna Magazine and intern for Chuck Palahniuk through the web. Her main goal is to present/create music television.


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