• Foodie Feature: Radio Coffee

    by  • 23/11/2012 • Emma MacKenzie, front page, stories, text • 0 Comments

    Avoid the daily grind at this new coffee house in Hanoi’s city centre, right around the corner from Hoan Kiem Lake.

    Taking cues from Europe, this enticing haunt is perched a floor above the bustle of the busy streets below.

    Following the rickety staircase up to the second floor you can’t help but feel as if you are entering a friend’s apartment.

    With a vast collection of books, an eclectic array of décor and a little balcony, you feel totally relaxed.

    Locals and visitors alike have discovered that this is a rare hideaway to share a laugh, a famous Vietnamese coffee and travel adventures with newly found friends.

    Radio Coffee allows a refuge from the chaos of the streets below and offers a perfect vantage point to the happenings of a city that never sleeps – from the cyclo drivers chatting on their break, to a woman hanging her washing and tourists browsing the shops.

    Whether you want a quick drink or to sit back and enjoy the live music on offer, there is room for all.

    So walk into the silk shop, up the stairs and order the coconut iced coffee for an idyllic way to reflect on the day that was in this extraordinary city.

    Emma MacKenzie


    Emma MacKenzie is currently studying a Bachelors of Journalism/Arts at The University of Queensland majoring in International Relations. She fell in love with Vietnam after volunteering there and recently studied in the United Kingdom. She hopes to pursue her keen interest in feature writing and foreign affairs after she graduates in 2013.

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