• Eating meat-free in Vietnam

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    A common travelling concern for vegans or vegetarians is, of course, what are we going to find to eat?

    Asia is particularly notorious for not recognising animal-free diets, and with the language barrier it can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

    Vietnam does, however, have a diverse selection of food and a vast array of options for vegans and vegetarians.

    Most dishes are based on fresh fruits and vegetables anyway, with rice, noodles, soy sauce and chilli a staple element of most meals.

    The Tamarind Cafe in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a solely vegetarian restaurant, with dishes inspired not only by traditional cuisine but Indian, Italian and Western palates as well.

    Famous for their inclusion of only the freshest fruits and vegetables, standouts include roasted eggplant, mango and dragonfruit smoothie, and their Mediterranean vegetable curry.

    The extensive menu offers something for everyone, even omnivores!

    The street food is also friendly to those who choose a cruelty-free diet, with tender deep-fried tofu an absolute “must try”, along with sweet potato cakes and Vietnamese donuts, which you can buy on the street for less than a dollar.

    Top tip: While many Vietnamese may not recognise the concept of ‘vegetarian’, they do clearly understood that Buddhists do not consume any animal products.

    A few days into the trip, I began to say “I’m a Buddhist” at restaurants and street food stands, and no more meat was thrown my way!

    In fact, most people went out of their way to accommodate for me and even brought me separate plates. Genius!

    Daisy Lola Sowter


    Daisy Lola Sowter is a first year Journalism student at UQ, with a passion for adventure that she hopes to oversee her throughout her career. She is a blogger, music/fashion journalist for Luna Magazine and intern for Chuck Palahniuk through the web. Her main goal is to present/create music television.


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