• Sharing in the smiles and laughter of the Vietnamese

    by  • 29/11/2012 • Evie Madden, images, reporters, stories • 1 Comment

    In the ten days that the 10 members the Vietnam Reporter crew have been frantically pacing the streets and shores of Vietnam, there have been many kind individuals we have had the pleasure of getting to know.

    The Vietnamese have welcomed us at every turn and embraced these crazy camera clad creatures busily working in and around them.

    They have shared their stories generously and done so, with a smile and a laugh.

    I wrote earlier in the trip about the importance of balance in the Vietnamese diet.

    I have come to feel that the Vietnamese really embody balance, not just in food but in every aspect of their lives.

    They know hard work, the pleasure of food, the enjoyment of family and the importance of making everything work in harmony.

    As we pack our bags, despite the hard work, I think we are taking home a little bit of Vietnamese harmony and most vivdly, the faces and smiles of the Vietnamese people.

    Evie Madden


    Evie Madden is completing her Bachelor of Journalism/Communications and will graduate in 2014. She has travelled extensively and hopes to further her skills in journalism to highlight ‘unspoken’ stories around the world. Her key interests are television, photography and writing. You will often find Evie feasting at a local food haunt.

    One Response to Sharing in the smiles and laughter of the Vietnamese

    1. Glenda Woodhouse
      29/11/2012 at 1:05 PM

      Memorable stories and faces with stories! Well done Evie and all the crew of Vietnam Reporter!

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