• Being a student at Hanoi University

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    My visit to Hanoi University has greatly emphasised the cultural and lifestyle differences between Australia and Vietnam.

    Walking through the campus, I was comparing every sight to those I am used to seeing at The University of Queensland.

    At VNU, the buildings, activities, social lives, parking systems, and colleges particularly highlighted differences between the two universities.

    I tried to remain a distant observer to these cultural differences, but being the tall, caucasian, western-looking girl among the Vietnamese meant I stuck out completely and drew many stares.

    Regardless, I still managed to document a glimpse of student life at VNU through these photographs.

    Lucy-Ellen Steadman


    Lucy-Ellen Steadman is completing a Bachelor of Journalism/Communication majoring in Public Relations at The University of Queensland. Lucy-Ellen expects to graduate in 2013 and plans on immersing herself in a variety of practical experiences in journalism and public relations until then. She is interested in travel, music, sport, media production, and photography, and would like to work in radio or television in the future.

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