• Students receive warm welcome from VTV

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    On entering the headquarters of Vietnam Television in Hanoi, three students from “Vietnam Reporter” were surprised to learn that, along with conducting a radio interview with VTV3′s Vu Anh Tuan, we were set to appear on national television as part of a package on our visit to the country.

    VTV3 is the sports and entertainment channel of Vietnam’s largest national television company, broadcast daily across the nation. Originally scheduled to do an interview on their morning breakfast show, our presence sparked quite an interest and ¬†inspired the idea instead of focussing on our complete activity in the country.

    Reporters Daisy Sowter, Lauren Williamson and Lucy-Ellen Steadman were filmed during our own rooftop radio interview with music producer Tuan.

    With the awkward repetition of cutaway footage we gained an insight as to what life on the other side of the video camera was like!

    After this, the VTV3 crew led us out into the streets of Hanoi’s waterfront to conduct a quick interview with the crew, along with some vox pops with the locals.

    Our translation cards, bearing the phrase “Hello, I am an Australian student, may I please take your photo for our website?” fascinated both the host and camera man, so our mission as student journalists was to put them to the test.

    We were filmed asking university students and mothers to take their photographs, which progressed to conducting a quick interview on Vietnam National University’s economics degree.

    A fascinating cultural experience on both sides, the “Vietnam Reporters” were able to gain insight into the intricacies of creating a television news package overseas, which obviously gave us some inspiration for our own stories whilst in Vietnam.

    VTV3 and its viewers hopefully learned something about our saturation coverage experience as well as what it is about their nation that interests people from Australia!

    Daisy Lola Sowter


    Daisy Lola Sowter is a first year Journalism student at UQ, with a passion for adventure that she hopes to oversee her throughout her career. She is a blogger, music/fashion journalist for Luna Magazine and intern for Chuck Palahniuk through the web. Her main goal is to present/create music television.


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    1. Bruce Woolley
      28/11/2012 at 6:25 PM

      Just ten days – the duration of our visit here to Vietnam. We leave tomorrow.

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