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    Rowlesy’s Wrap: Timeless practices inspire permanence

    by  • 06/12/2012 • Nicole Rowles, rowlesy's wrap, stories, video • 0 Comments


    Rowlesy’s Wrap: Timeless practices inspire permanence from UQ Journalism & Communication on Vimeo. Life for Ninh Binh residents is, as it has been for generations, simple. Age-old customs provide certainty and spiritual serenity, while new forays into global industries are giving villagers financial security and offering fair trade solutions for the future. Follow us,...

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    Burying the dead in Vietnam

    by  • 26/11/2012 • Daisy Sowter, front page, news today, reporters, stories, text • 0 Comments


    An ancient Vietnamese proverb states, “The sense of the dead is that of the final”, referring to the dignified and solemn manner in which family members are buried, or sent into the next life. Though many Vietnamese identify as Buddhist, the common spiritual practice of cremation is uncommon throughout the country. Instead, the Vietnamese...

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