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    Visiting the inspirational Vietnam Friendship Village

    by  • 08/12/2012 • Evie Madden, front page, images, Lauren Williamson, reporters, stories • 0 Comments

    IMG_0935 copy

    Evie Madden and Lauren Williamson were fortunate enough to visit the Vietnam Friendship Village while in Hanoi to explore the work of the organisation in caring for children and elders affected by Agent Orange. We didn’t know what to expect of the Village and were tentative about filming and photographing the children, but the...

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    Observing Vietnam’s ‘openness’

    by  • 04/12/2012 • front page, images, Lauren Williamson, stories, Uncategorized • 0 Comments


    While travelling through Vietnam I found that one of the most striking cultural features of the country is its openness. From sunrise to sundown, shopping, cooking, eating, working and socialising is all conducted openly on the street. Although it seems intrusive to photograph personal activities which to us seem so private, with a friendly...

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    Living outside: Hanoi’s bustling street culture

    by  • 25/11/2012 • Daisy Sowter, front page, images, reporters, stories, text • 0 Comments


    Many factors distinguish the bright city of Hanoi: from the scooter-lined pavements to the news read over loudspeakers multiple times a day. What truly allows Hanoi to stand out, however, is the manner in which the locals spend their time. From sunrise to well into the night, the streets are lined with people. Whether...

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    Australia learns sustainability from Vietnam

    by  • 25/11/2012 • Alison Francis, front page, images, stories, tv highlights, video • 0 Comments


    VR Urban Agriculture from UQ Journalism & Communication on Vimeo. The majority of food eaten in Hanoi is produced amidst the bustling streets. Many families grow vegetables in tiny allotments, community gardens or even on their balconies. Such effective uses of land in Hanoi are slowly being replicated in Australia.

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