• Tam Coc pedals to a sustainable future

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    To a tourist, Tam Coc and its neighbouring city Ninh Binh may look like small, underdeveloped destinations.

    However, parts of these semi-rural areas have made admirable efforts towards sustainable living that the rest of the world can learn from.

    Many locals grow their own vegetables and some farm cattle and poultry too.

    This trait is common in Vietnam, but across Tam Coc and Ninh Binh there is also a large number of bicycles – a welcome change from the constant blaring of horns heard in Hanoi.

    These bicycles are simple, yet effective.

    They aren’t like the complex mountain or road bikes in Australia.

    Rather, like much of the infrastructure in Vietnam, they are built to last for the moment and to get the rider from A to B.

    While taking these photos, I got the impression that something as basic as a bicycle could bring a community together, and I found the unique, simple look of these bikes beautiful.

    Lucy-Ellen Steadman


    Lucy-Ellen Steadman is completing a Bachelor of Journalism/Communication majoring in Public Relations at The University of Queensland. Lucy-Ellen expects to graduate in 2013 and plans on immersing herself in a variety of practical experiences in journalism and public relations until then. She is interested in travel, music, sport, media production, and photography, and would like to work in radio or television in the future.

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